Sechtem, Cologne, Germany

Direct development for confidential client
Location: Sechtem, Cologne, Germany
Architect: TBC
Developer: Delta Development Group, Netherlands
Contractor: TBC
Sustainability certification: Cradle to Cradle principles incorporated into the design. Aiming for BREEAM Very Good

Total: 12,095 m2

ELREP acquired a 12,000 m2 site in March 2022 located in Sechtem, Cologne, Germany. Its strategic advantage lies in its proximity, just a 5-minute walk to public transport, offering direct access to both Cologne and Bonn via train, making this location exceptionally valuable. The land was purchased from a family-owned business, and with the building permit now secured, ELREP is preparing to oversee the construction of the project.

The design of this site will adhere to the Cradle to Cradle principles, consistent with ELREP’s commitment to sustainability, ensuring that the buildings are designed with materials that can be reused, thus contributing to a circular economy while having no negative environmental impact.

In collaboration with the Delta Development Group, we have successfully obtained a building permit for this site, allowing us the authorization to utilize Cross Laminated Timber (CLT) in the roof structure. This choice is motivated by the environmental advantages of CLT, encompassing sustainability, carbon sequestration, and versatility. Beyond these benefits, CLT enhances air quality and serves as a storehouse for carbon dioxide, further emphasizing its positive ecological impact.

The Sechtem site’s design and construction will target DGNB Gold accreditation, a certification that places significant emphasis on three central areas: ecology, economy, and socio-cultural quality.

In addition to the Cradle to Cradle design principles, sustainability is central to the site’s development, as evidenced by amenities such as eight electric vehicle (EV) charging points, ten e-bike charging points, the establishment of a fully electric site, and the inclusion of solar panel roofs. These initiatives underscore ELREP’s commitment to environmentally responsible and energy-efficient development practices.

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