COP 28: Navigating the Climate Crisis in Dubai and what this means for the Real Estate Industry

  With the striking of the gavel by COP28 President Sultan al-Jaber, the global community has witnessed the conclusion of the 2023 United Nations Climate Change conference. Commonly known as COP 28, the conference took place this year in Dubai, UAE, from November 30th to December 13th. Organized by the COP 27 Egyptian Presidency and Incoming COP 28 Presidency, the conference aimed to lay the groundwork for transformative action toward a low-emission and climate-resilient world. COP, an acronym for the Conference of the Parties, represents a gathering of 197 nations that endorsed the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992. This pivotal agreement set the stage for subsequent COP meetings, with the first held in Berlin in 1995. Notably, this inaugural conference led to the establishment of the Kyoto Protocol, placing initial emission reduction obligations on wealthier nations. [...]

Celebrating World Urbanism Day: Shaping the Future of Our Cities

  On November 8th, we marked World Urbanism Day, an occasion established in 1949 by Professor Carlos Maria della Paolera of the University of Buenos Aires to increase professional and public interest in urban planning on both local and global scales. This day serves as an important reminder of the pivotal role urban planning plays in the development and sustainability of our cities and communities in the modern era. As we observe World Urbanism Day's focus on liveable cities this year, ELREP has made incorporating principles of sustainability into urban environments the forefront of our vision, ensuring our projects provide ecological, social, and economic benefits for all. The Far-Reaching Importance of Urbanism Urban planning impacts all our lives, even those whose careers lie outside this field. With approximately 55% of the global population currently residing in urban areas, a [...]

Shedding Light on ADHD: Understanding, Support, and Empowerment

  As October comes to a close, so does ADHD Awareness Month, a dedicated period for deepening our understanding of the profound impact of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in our lives. At ELREP, we are striving to focus on our Social Value goals for 2023 and 2024 through the support of Planet Mark, and part of this includes engaging as individuals in deepening our understanding of ADHD. This week, we had the opportunity to connect with an individual diagnosed with ADHD who shared their personal perspective on living with this condition. Describing the intricacies of ADHD, they explained, "It can be difficult to put into words. The easiest example, in the context of school, is that I understood maths in the classroom and performed well in classes. However, this success was attributed to the controlled environment. As soon [...]

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