Rotterdam Logistics Park

Speculative development
Location: Rotterdam Logistics Park, Hellevoetsluis, Rotterdam, Netherlands
Architect: Quadrant 4
Developer: Delta Development Group, Netherlands
Contractor: Heembouw
Sustainability certification: Cradle to Cradle principles incorporated into the design. Certification predicted – BREEAM Very Good

Total: 100,000 m2
5 buildings in total
Construction of buildings B & C were completed in December 2023, and the buildings have been fully let to VDH Warehousing & Logistics and TOP Logistics.
Building B – 23,428 m2
Building C – 23,628 m2

The Rotterdam Logistics Park (RLP) is strategically located to the south of Rotterdam, just 7 minutes from the A15 highway, providing direct connections to the Port of Rotterdam, the Westland, and the Hinterland. This location provides a strategic advantage and makes it an ideal choice for businesses prioritising accessibility.

ELREP purchased this land in 2021, spanning across 14 hectares and designed to feature four flexible distribution centers. Currently, two buildings are already under construction, with completion expected by the end of 2023.

Through working with architects Quadrant 4 and ELREP’s partnership with Delta Development Group, this site will prioritise sustainability and human oriented design. As with ELREP’s other projects, this park is developed in accordance with the Cradle to Cradle philosophy, ensuring that the buildings are designed with materials that can be reused, thus contributing to a circular economy while having no negative environmental impact.

Following ELREP’s sustainability principles, the park is projected to achieve up to a 40% energy surplus upon completion. Various sustainable innovations, such as CO₂-absorbing pavement and tree planting, provide additional benefits such as noise reduction, wind shielding, and support for biodiversity. Innovative technologies have been researched and implemented to optimize production processes and minimize operating costs.

In line with a commitment to sustainability, the design and operation of the RLP prioritses a human-centered approach. This ensures a focus on the health and comfort of individuals who will work and operate at the site. The RLP will offer healthy indoor climates, ample natural daylight, and green areas, all aimed at enhancing the well-being and productivity of those at the site.

The careful design and implementation of these buildings can be demonstrated by the two buildings that have been completed being fully let upon completion, highlighting the high demand, tenant satisfaction, and effective fulfilment of the intended purpose and market needs.

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